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A film by Masha Novikova

"Revolution... How many worlds burned down in vain in the name of your holy fire?" (Juri Chevchuk, DDT, 1998)

This documentary gives us an unique opportunity to follow the fight that was put up by the Russian opposition against the Putin regime during the last two years. After the victory of the latest elections in march 2008 this regime would not tolerate any Opposition at all.

In the film it is not obvious all the time, who is who, and who belongs to which party. Just like the passers by in the streets of Moscow haven't got a clue for or against what these young people are demonstrating. Their flags and banners all tell us that they want a better future for Russia. With Putin. Or absolutely without Putin. They call themselves communists or anti-communists. Or patriots maybe. But they all talk about their immense love for Russia. And they all want to save this Russia. All conflicting parties are armed with the same portret of Che-Guevara.

The daily routine is tuff on the opposition leaders. They have no acces to the Media, they are beaten up during the demontstrations, they are put in prison. The Putin Youth follow them everywhere and do no let any opportunity go by not to accuse them of treason of homelaqnd. Or occasionally the Kremlin tries to bribe them. But still, even the most dangerous demonstrations, and going to court, even prison, it all eventually becomes a daily routine.

How does the life of an opposition member looks like in Russia? The people do not trust you, the regime persecutes you, your fellow combats betry you. Nobody needs your so called revolution. Why would you burn in her holy fire?


IDFA 2008


Screenplay & direction: Masha Novikova
Research: Masha Novikova, Allard Detiger
Editing: Srdjan Fink
Production: NOVDOC, VPRO
Cinematography: Andrei Pitinov, Igor Minakov, Michail Mtsedlishvili, Masha Novikova, Allard Detiger, Dmitri Borko, Andrei Hammer
Sound: Allard Detiger, Anastasia Pasentshuk
Music & sound design: Jeroen Goeijers